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💋 Maamow 🍒🍒🍒


Age: 27yo
Height: 136 cm / 4'6''
Weight: 85 kg / 187 lbs
Cup size: very large:)
Body Type: athletic
Eyes: brown
Ethnicity: mixed
Meeting with: gentlemen
Languages: English, German
A-level (anal): no
Perfumes: Sanae Intoxicants
Hair lenght: short



Incall Outcall
30 min 75 1 hour 140
1 hour 180 2 hours 195
2 hours 255 3 hours 270
3 hours 275 All night 925


Not after anything serious just yet so if your up for some fun get in touchnames dane i'm Maamow i'm 6ft2 strawberry blonde hair blue eyes i'm a plumber by trade.


Base country: South Africa
Base city: Sandton
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link


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Escort Fedha (22yo)

🌹 Sexual Fedha 🍉🍉🍉


Age: 22
Height: 138 cm / 4'6''
Weight: 79 kg / 174 lbs
Cup size: Big tits
Body Type: medium complection
Eyes: blue-green
Ethnicity: european
Meeting with: man
Languages: English, Spanish
Anal: yes
Perfumes: Nautilus
Hair lenght: long



Incall Outcall
30 min 25 1 hour 40
1 hour 105 2 hours 70
2 hours 155 3 hours 120
3 hours 225 All night 225


But wait there's more get to know me and i'll tell ui'm friendly so far i'm not so bad i'm freedom and looking for friend just to make friend not more than that.


Base country: South Africa
Base city: Durban
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link

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Escort Sevannah (29 yo)

🍭🍭 Vip Sevannah 🍌🍌🍌


Age: 29
Height: 181 cm / 5'11''
Weight: 44 kg / 97 lbs
Cup size: like peaches
Body Type: slim
Eyes: hazel
Ethnicity: arabian
Meeting with: both (man+woman)
Languages: English, Swedish
Anal: yes
Perfumes: Panama 1924
Hair lenght: long



Incall Outcall
30 min 35 1 hour 60
1 hour 110 2 hours 135
2 hours 240 3 hours 145
3 hours 295 All night 365


Fun loving down to earth guy,love sports movies n beaches and love clubbing drinking n much more let me kno if u wanna kno more.Just a fun guy looking for a fun time, really wanna learn some new things and just have a great time.


Base country: South Africa
Base city: Sandton
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link
Escort Ismat (29 yrs)

Ismat 💋💋💋 Escort Midrand (23 yrs)


Age: 23
Height: 172
Weight: 61 kg / 134 lbs
Cup size: like melons
Body Type: athletic
Eyes: green
Ethnicity: arabian
Meeting with: gentlemen
Languages: English, Swedish
Anal: yes
Perfumes: Barberry Coast Shave Co.
Hair lenght: medium long



Incall Outcall
30 min 95 1 hour 70
1 hour 315 2 hours 350
2 hours 505 3 hours 540
3 hours 715 All night 1185


Young guy from the illawarra looking for a casual fling, friends with benefits or something between those lines.


Base country: South Africa
Base city: Midrand
Phone: XXX
E-Mail: Contact Me
Web: Link

Midrand Escort Reviews

By Sibness 04.10.2018 in 12:08

It is just much easier to not put myself in a situation where my natural impulses will be tested or take over until I find out for sure if the guy is who he says he is and wants what he says he wants.

By Kylen 06.10.2018 in 12:15

Originally Posted by Phoe

By Fictionize 08.10.2018 in 12:57

Your BF may dump you if you tell him. To be honest, I think you are in over your head. You need to get some professional help to find out why you are doing this over and over. There's an old saying that the definitition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over when you know it doesn't work. I'm not sayng you are insane, but there''s something going on with you that you need to get a handle on before you have anymore relationships.

By Addmenu 13.10.2018 in 05:51


By Pigeonhole 17.10.2018 in 08:28

I love the colour of her hair.

By Frogmouth 23.10.2018 in 05:57

i am nice outgoing play sports looking for some one that i.

By Lschmid 30.10.2018 in 23:10

amazing girls,hot bods

By Templet 01.11.2018 in 14:43

Careful, lefty ... righty's sneaking up on you with a very devious look on her face

By Kidlink 07.11.2018 in 21:26

Looking for a good time. I prefer guy.

By Pee 11.11.2018 in 10:48

2: He's always close by when I'm there, like theres been like 3 times that ive gone late, so he gets his break and sits down to eat, and always sits near. Thrice he sat right behind me n one of those times back to back!! When no ones ordered anything he usually stands in a pillar in the middle of the restaurant to see if anyone wants anything, always in the same place, and then last time i went he stood in the side of the pillar that was close by my seat! and his working space was on the other side (he's a weitor, and each weitor has a space they attend), and that same day he'd go throw the trash in a trash can behind my seat and i swear id catch him glimpsing at me, and he always just takes the trash with the plates and trows it away in the kitchen, never by seperate.

By Unflawed 17.11.2018 in 01:16

Originally posted by Bubbles

By Camisole 26.11.2018 in 07:07

great butt pic

By Lustred 06.12.2018 in 04:51

When I gave this guy I liked my number. He warned/reminded me that he can be quite busy with his son.

By Mellifera 14.12.2018 in 22:26

So, im a guy at the age 26 , i'll tell u more about me later. Im looking for someone serieus, honest and humble.

By Cryptical 22.12.2018 in 18:52

Jail bait

By Trumper 24.12.2018 in 09:49

OP- you've only been dating a month so when did it become serious and when exactly is this dance?

By Securid 02.01.2019 in 10:55

Thanks bathing suit manufacterers!! :P

By Colonia 07.01.2019 in 14:52

You put yourself out there and she knows how you feel. Now, It's tight-lip time. That's kind of like tool time except that it involves tightening of the lips instead of tightening of bolts. It was tight-lip time during that birthday resort trip but no sense in dwelling on the past.

By Potshot 11.01.2019 in 13:52

no comment..just!

By Damiana 20.01.2019 in 10:20

yes righty. better tummy

By Jake 22.01.2019 in 02:36

lucky cat

By Antique 25.01.2019 in 15:31

you obviously don't trust him...

By Mavies 29.01.2019 in 03:02

As for the girl crying whenever he left to go out with friends, that's an extreme and sounds like she has troubles being alone.

By Veteran 03.02.2019 in 21:48

Love lefty's body

By Frimmer 05.02.2019 in 15:12

all around sexy girl

By Pitch 14.02.2019 in 05:34

Hi. I'm a loving woman who is looking for honest man to love again, a man I will set up my family , I'm down to heart I'm kind and honest and I'm looking for the same thing in a ma.

By Gode 21.02.2019 in 07:10

I agree she is ok not big on the camera angle and the distance.

By Austerlitz 25.02.2019 in 02:23

Oh mylanta

By Sword 26.02.2019 in 03:45

maybe you need to see things a bit clearer and step back from all of these bar visits!!!! she is a barmaid and its her job to be a friendly hostess, just as if she was a barman It would be her job to be the friendly host! you are probably not that special to her as she works in a fun environment where other people also make her feel special and are treating her like a queen for the night...the guy that buys her meals...etc...

By Bicycle 08.03.2019 in 05:41

Love how skinny she is!

By Oceanfront 08.03.2019 in 20:24

I like meeting new people,going out having a good time,spending time with that special lady nothing serious no drama,only female apply.So if your on the same page lovelies hit me up. .

By Yellowbelly 17.03.2019 in 20:38

Okay, ex boyfriend, I love him blah blah and all that good stuff. Well, it's been over a month that he broke up with me and he tells me he loves me and he's a sweety and stuff, but THEN....he'll totally change. Like, at school (he's a senior, i'm a junior), he can be the biggest prick. What's up with that? He got in trouble today for not doing his work..and pretty much being a class clown type...he can usually talk his way out of trouble and he wasn't able to today...anyway, and afterschool I went up to him and I asked him...really sweet...hey, what happen? He like...went all freaking psycho on me. His extact words were..."Get...the **** away from me." I was like...oh..k. I just looked at him freaked out and kinda hurt and walked away. Anywho, but when his other friends come out....mindy, adrian, and andrew, he is all talking to them and blah blah. That really hurt. One moment he tells me that I'll always have him and he loves me and I'm the only one who really understands him BLAH BLAH and then I get THAT side of him. I'm so frustrated and I hate ie because I cannot be mad at him. I love him and he can make me so mad, but then he can get a smile out of me within seconds. I think he's taken advantage of it and it's not fair. I need help! I don't want to give him the cold shoulder, but I want to be able to at least pretend to be mad at him so he won't act like such a jerk at times. And well...we were really close as a couple...we still are, but his friends kinda turned into my friends and I trust them to like...inform me on certain things. So I talked to Adrian...because that's the guy hes been mostly hanging out with since we broke up..him and andrew...and they say he hasn't told them anything about us. I know he wouldn't lie to me about that because he knows how much I care...and he thinks that if he tells me, he's gonna get something out of it. He's not...but he hopes. ex hasn't talked about his feelings for me at all or what he plans to do. Whether get back together or not. Etc. To anyone. Does he not care? Why is he such a closed book? Is there anyway I can slowly get him to open up to me? Advice, please! At first he was worse so I stopped making the effort to talk to him and be around him so he would come to me and it's been working so far. He'll actually talk to me and stuff and show more body language and try to make me laugh, etc. But...I wanna know if I can take it a step further. i really care and I don't want to move on to someone else because it hurts too much to go through this again especially at the age of 16. Sometimes he makes me feel like the past two years were like such lies and totally worthless and that really hurts. Advice, please. Thanks

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